About Company

We are a team of enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field of machine learning, data science, Artificial intelligence and software development. Our founding members have worked in multi-national companies for a number of years. Mountech solution provides services, solutions, trainings,  consultations and technical support in order to solve the problems of our business and individual customers. Our slogan is “We transform you”, and  we would like to literally transform you and your business.

What We Do ?

  1. Offer data engineering and data science solutions
  2. Offer artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions
  3. Provide technical and softwares solutions 
  4. Create education and research platform for all students and provide easy and cheap access to study from world class lecturers.
  5. Provide consultation and related services 
  6. Share knowledge among the enthusiasts by organising seminars, workshops, webinars and panel discussions
  7. Help government and public sectors to transform digitally by supporting in transportation and traffic management, agriculture and manufacturing, public health and hospitals, business and innovation, banking and financial institutions through digital transformation.