Android Beginner to Professional with Java

Android Beginner to Professional with Java


Android Beginner to Professional with Java

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1. Java Fundamental Session

  1. Variables, Flow Control (If, switch, for, foreach, while, do), Arrays, Strings,

    ArrayList, Method overloading and overriding, Static variables/methods and


  2. OOP Concept (Class, abstract class, interface, inheritance, polymorphism)
  3. Function visibility – public, private, protected

2. Setup (Installation) Session

  1. Installing Java JDK
  2. Installing Android Studio
  3. Virtual Device Setup

3. Android Fundamental Session
a. Android Intro (API, OS version, current Changes, privacy policy, AndroidX)

  1. Create Our First Project
  2. Running Our First Application
  3. Overview of android Studio (Interface, menus, helpful shortcuts, tips and more about


  4. Overview of Project Structure (UI, Logic, how both combined, Resources)
  5. Android components (Activity, Fragment, Service)
  6. Lifecycle (Activity, Fragment)

4. Android UI/Logic Session

  1. Layouts(Relative, Linear, Grid, frame, constraint)
  2. Widgets and ui components (TextView, EditText, ImageView, many other UI


  3. Style and properties of UI components
  4. Connect UI to our Logic Code
  5. Get/Set value to UI components
  6. Simple animation
  7. Event handling
  8. Recyclerview/ListView (Adapter, Viewholder, LayoutManager)

5. Important Features/services

  1. Intents
  2. Background Service
  3. Notifications
  4. Thread
  5. Toast
  6. Snack
  7. Capture, Save, Select Image
  8. Play sound
  1. Observer pattern
  2. Observable
  3. Live Data/ Viewmodel
  4. Data binding

6. Async Tasks

  1. Async Intro (What, Why, How, When)
  2. Internet access
  3. Update Data to UI from the internet.

7. Offline Storages / Database a. SharedPreferences
b. Room

8. External Library

  1. Intro (What, Why, How, When)
  2. Dagger
  3. Retrofit
  4. Glide
  5. RxJava
  6. EventBus
  7. Firebase (Cloud messaging, Real time database, authentication)

9. Fixing and Troubleshoot

  1. Debugging
  2. Breakpoint
  3. Optimization
  4. Memory Leak
  5. Garbage Collector
  1. Architecture patterns a. MVVM

    b. MVP

  2. Create, Build and Publish
    1. Complete one project based on a small specific idea.
    2. Generate keystore for signed apk/bundle
    3. Generate Signed apk/bundle for play store
    4. Generate developer account for play store
    5. Create app on playstore console
    6. Publish our app to playstore


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